Greetings Purdue Preceptors!

Welcome to the new continuing education (CE) page developed specifically for preceptors in our Experiential Learning Program. We value your commitment to the education of future pharmacists and are extremely grateful for your participation in the experiential learning portion of the PharmD curriculum.

In an effort to express our gratitude for your service, we are offering several CE programs for free or at a substantially reduced
cost – the content of which was determined based upon data obtained from a recent survey. As such, we are developing and/or compiling two types of CE, clinical practice updates and professional development, which will be placed on our webpage to have everything in one spot for your convenience.

  • Clinical Practice Updates

    Clinical practice updates span a variety of disease states and topics. The disease states are organized into individual modules in order to offer emphasis and address each in detail. You can gain access to these activities via the following link, www.distance.purdue.edu/icm.  Please contact me, sheplerb@purdue.edu, if you have any questions or would like additional information.

  • Professional Development

    The second type of CE offered falls under the professional development category and contains programs designed to further advance your teaching and mentoring skills. Several of these programs exist through other national organizations or colleges of pharmacy. We have assembled the links to the ones we feel are the most beneficial.  This list of available CE resources can be accessed here.

We are confident you will find a variety of CE opportunities available to match your interests through this site. Thank you again for your dedication to our students and to the profession.

Boiler Up!

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Brian M. Shepler, PharmD
Assistant Dean for Experiential Learning
Clinical Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice