PRECEPTOR DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS/RESOURCES

ACCP (http://www.accp.com/academy/index.aspx)

  • Certificate programs – 18-hours of CPE completed over a 2-year period available in the areas of:
    • Teaching and Learning (28 CE hours)
      • Effective teaching/Teaching and learning strategies/Assessing student learning
    • Career Advancement (26 hours)
      • Clinical career advancement/Mentoring and precepting/Establishing interprofessional and patient-centered roles/Entrepreneurship for career advancement
    • Leadership and Management (28 CE hours)
      • Leadership development/Attributes of a leader
    • Research and Scholarship (26 CE hours)
      • Primer/Basics of clinical research/Statistics/Regulatory and ethical issue

APhA Advanced Preceptor Training (www.pharmacist.com/apha-advanced-preceptor-training)

ASHP (http://www.ashp.org/menu/PracticePolicy/ResourceCenters/PreceptorSkills.aspx)

  • Online resource center with information and resources about preceptor development including:
    • Articles
      • 16 articles covering topics such as challenges with co-precepting/transitioning logistics between PGY1 and PGY2 residencies/How to be an efficient, effective preceptor/mentor vs. preceptor /feedback/managing difficult learning situations
    • Presentations and training
      • Educational presentations (14) 38-93 minutes covering topics such as improving skills/ time management/coaching/mentoring/handling difficult situations
    • Guidelines/policies/best practices
      • Includes topics such as leadership rotation/core values of preceptors/developing preceptor skills/preceptor tool kit
    • Books
    • External resources
      • Preceptor’s Playbook (developed in partnership with the University of Kentucky)
    • On-line program (31 modules)
      • 11 focus on traditional skills of precepting/20 focus on softer skills
      • 7.75 CE hours when all 31 modules are completed

Pharmacist’s Letter Preceptor Training and Resource Network:


  • Provides online platform of teaching resources, preceptor training programs and assists schools/colleges of pharmacy to enhance precepting being offered to pharmacists
  • Participants must have a subscription to Pharmacist’s Letter

The Collaborative Education Institute (CEI) http://www.gotocei.org/#Preceptor

  • Offers a variety of preceptor training materials


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