Public Health Service LogoThis page is dedicated to the US Public Health Service. The purpose of these training programs is to equip and engage all Commissioned Officers of the USPHS and the general public in the fight against tobacco by assisting and supporting others with quitting tobacco use.

Ask-Advise-Refer (45 minutes)

 -   Audience: This module is intended for non-clinicians, busy clinicians, and the general public.

 -   Description: Provides a very brief tobacco cessation intervention technique, and how to address tobacco use and discuss
     effective quitting strategies with individuals. No CE provided. 

The 5 A’s (150 minutes)

 -   Audience: Clinical healthcare professionals or tobacco cessation clinic providers. Prerequisite for those wishing to serve as
     Evaluators or are taking the University of Arizona Tobacco Treatment Specialist Course.

 -   Description: Addresses how to implement either comprehensive (5 A's) and brief (Ask-Advise-Refer) tobacco cessation
     interventions, incorporating behavioral counseling strategies in combination with FDA-approved medications for cessation.
     CE provided for medicine, pharmacy, and nursing.

Train-the-Trainer (three 2-hr sessions)

 -   Audience: This module is intended for individuals wishing to serve as Evaluators or Presenters for the USPHS-Rx for Change
     Tobacco Cessation Training Program

 -   Description: Provides further instruction concerning aids for cessation and motivational interviewing, and equips the participant
     to (a) appropriately assess and provide feedback for skills demonstrations and (b) deliver live presentations.