From the Director's Desk

I am so pleased to welcome you to our website.  Although it has been accessible for a while, we have been working very hard over the past two years to develop content that covers topics which you, as learners, want or need to enhance your education as a practitioner – improving your knowledge, competence as well as incorporating this information/these skill sets into your practice, which ultimately will lead to improved patient outcomes.

Our initial offerings, which can be found under the “Available Courses” button at the top of our website, include the following:

  • Medication errors and the safe use of medications continue to be a high priority in healthcare.Our colleagues, our families and our patients need us to be better and safer at using the lifesaving therapies that research has given us in the form of medications.In partnership with the College’s Center for Medication Safety Advancement (CMSA), we have developed a Medication Safety Series which is a comprehensive didactic and practice-based program that covers medication safety concepts and tools that meet the standards of the medical, pharmacy and nursing governing bodies as well as the needs of practitioners. With an evidenced based, inter-professional approach, this program reinforces the advocacy, responsibility and leadership role healthcare practitioners have in the medication administration process as a component of patient care. 

  • Access to our newly developed Nuclear Pharmacy portal which will serve practitioners as a dynamic resource with broad coverage of various topics pertinent to practice – along with a variety of options providing 50+ hours of continuing education – in other words. . .”everything you want to know about nuclear pharmacy but are afraid to ask!”This tool is currently available for nuclear pharmacists, but will soon be accessible for nuclear pharmacy technicians and nuclear medicine technologists as well.

  • “Introductory Medical Spanish for Pharmacy Staff” which provides online training for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians – learning and applying the first steps in speaking Spanish to better communicate with a portion of the patients you care for each day. This offering provides a concise introduction to basic Spanish terms and phrases encountered in a variety of pharmacy settings.

  • Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States, and research indicates that clinicians can have an important impact on their patients’ ability to quit. Despite the direct link between tobacco use and morbidity and mortality, health professional schools have historically failed to integrate tobacco cessation into their curricula.  To aid in filling this educational gap, we are providing a suite of continuing education programs, designed to help clinicians integrate tobacco cessation into routine patient care activities.

It is our hope that the activities that are already a part of our CE program as well as the new initiatives we are developing will meet your needs as you "navigate the waters" in building your own portfolio, which will continue to enhance your personal professional development.


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