This program educates and trains learners who want to work in pharmacy settings as technicians. Students will gain specific knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to work as a valuable clinical team member and  provide safe patient care.

A 16-week version and an 8-week version is available.  Successful completion of the course prepares students to take the national Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam to become a certified pharmacy technician.  

• Explain the role of a licensed pharmacy technician.
• Learn about the top 200 drugs and 15 common dietary supplements.
• Distinguish federal requirements for prescription processing, handling and disposal of medications.
• Demonstrate patient safety procedures and quality assurance strategies.
• Evaluate situations and issues that require pharmacist intervention.
• Demonstrate procedures to compound nonsterile products.
• Describe procedures for credit return, return to stock, and reverse distribution.

Textbook Required: Bachenheimer BS, ed. Manual for Pharmacy Technicians 5th Edition. Bethesda, MD. American Society of Health-System Pharmacists; 2019 (approximate cost $100). You must purchase this textbook for the course, which is available online. You will want to purchase this textbook prior to beginning the course. The textbook is not included in the $860 course fee.

Registration Fee:

$860 (which includes the fees for the PTCB practice test and the PTCE exam)

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16-Week Course:

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